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        日期:2019-06-28 14:44:00 人气:2437

              Semi-automatic unloading brick press by brick conveyor, marshalling, pallet, packaging of four parts.Each part is an independent whole, can according to the requirements of site condition, the realization of various forms of layout, installation, brick conveying part is across in the rotary kiln car line, empty kiln car from below through the procedure.Packaging part adopts the developed specifically for sintered brick strapping of baotou, complete the clamps of vertical and horizontal strapping.
               Semi-automatic unloading brick press cover an area of an area small, the overall covers an area of less than 60 square meters, easy to install, use no more than 15 kw power, can pack 15000-15000 pieces per hour standard brick.Completely can satisfy a modern new brick factory storage and loading packaging requirements, is a necessary equipment of new wall materials production enterprises.